Cleansing Milk

On arrival into Thailand we escaped the craziness of Bangkok to the hot and sticky jungle in Kanchanaburi.  We weren’t entirely sure where we were headed, having been coerced into booking a ‘jungle experience’ by travel agent Oam.  After being herded from bus to train to wooden boat and after several hours of travelling with ever-changing travel companions, we finally rocked up at a floating raft ‘hut’ on the River Kwai.

The accommodation was basic to say the least, but we were without doubt in the middle of the jungle and as close to nature as you can get. With shower water coming straight from the river, my Dr Hauschka products provided a huge comfort  for the three days we spent there.  Cleansing Milk came out on top leaving my skin feeling clean and refreshed, even if the water was a bit dodgy!

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  1. Impressed & enjoying your Dr Hauschka products recommendations and ‘treats’ used on you travels — now added to my shopping list for holiday gifts!

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