No BO With Dr Hauschka Deo

I have just returned from three adventure-filled days camping in the Australian Outback – trekking around the base of Uluru and hiking up Kings Canyon.  It was pretty hot with temperatures soaring above 40˚c (and that was in the shade)! My Dr Hauschka Floral Deodorant has so far served me well through the sweltering heat of India and the hot and sticky humidity in Thailand, but hiking in the Aussie bush was going to put it to it’s next extreme test!

I first started using Dr Hauschka’s Floral Deodorant a few years ago and must admit initially I had my doubts as to how effective it could be, having relied on chemical formulas until that point.  However as a champion of all things natural and after hearing rave reports from my mum who has used natural deodorants for years, I felt compelled to give it a go!  Now having made the transition from pore-blocking chemical deodorants to natural-based alternatives I am a complete convert and have never crossed back to the dark side since.

During the outback experience, my fellow group members were having to continually re-apply nasty chemical spray-on deodorants every time we returned from a hike to the air conditioned coach. I felt pretty smug that not only was my body sweating naturally and not all clogged up with nasties, but I also smelled sweetly of flowers too!

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