Hand Cream For Chilly Hands

Arriving in New Zealand after three months of warm summer sun, the chilly air and cool showers in the South Island has been quite a shock to the system!  It’s much colder here than usual for Kiwi summer time, which has meant digging out the big fluffy jackets, warm woolly gloves and hat that have been at the bottom of my bag for the trip so far!

The thing that has been hit most by the harsh cold weather is my hands, probably partly due to the new outdoorsy lifestyle I am living (we have hired a campervan!), so I have been applying lots of Dr Hauschka Hand Cream to try and keep them lovely and smooth.  It’s working wonders and the tube has lasted really well, plus rubbing my hands together a bit to allow the cream to soak in is a good way to keep them warm!  It’s also the perfect sized gift for Christmas stockings.

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