Keeping Up Appearances

Throughout most of India and Thailand I never really got round to wearing much makeup – I put it down to embracing the backpacker lifestyle!  Products like Lip Balm, After-Sun Lotion and Moisturising Day Cream became my daily saviours, and my makeup bag took a back seat for a while.  However when I reached the bright lights of Sydney, city of the uber-stylish and chic Sydneysiders, I realised it was time to dig my makeup bag out from the bottom of my backpack (well it’s more of a wheely suitcase with straps on the back!).

Needless to say I am as addicted to Dr Hauschka makeup as I am to their skincare products, and have found them to be the best natural cosmetics on offer for my super-sensitive skin.  Throughout Australia my most-used items in my makeup bag were these two – Kajal Eyeliner Duo 01 and Mascara (black).  Using both simultaniously could miraculously (and quickly) turn me from feeling like grotty traveller into one of the city crowd.  As most of my nights were spent sleeping in a bunk bed in shared hostel dorms, sometimes with up to 15 other people, this was no mean feat!

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