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For the last couple of years I have been thinking about getting a tattoo, and after talking and thinking it over (with numerous trials drawn on with a pen!), I decided to take the plunge in New Zealand.  Finding a good tattooist was the next big challenge, which actually proved to be surprisingly easy.  Barry my boyfriend spotted a tattoo shop as we arrived in Rotorua in the North Island, so the next day we went in – me slightly nervously!  I was immediately put at ease by the two friendly owners Elton and Kellyrae Buchanan, who set up the shop nearly ten years ago after travelling and working with some of the top tattoo artists around the world.

The studio is set within a lovely big open space showing artworks created by Elton himself, and there’s a wealth of photographs and sketches for inspiration in a stack of books if you’ve still to decide.  It was here that I found the tattoo design I had been searching for.  Elton is incredibly talented, and speedily tweaked a section of an existing design into my dream tattoo.  His skill and expertise made me realise the difference between a fine tattoo artist verses back street tattooist.

Barry had his slightly dodgy tattoos which had been done in a back-street tattoo shop in Reading re-done by Elton, who transformed a rather wobbly faded bird into a wonderfully crisp and clear flying swallow.  I couldn’t believe my eyes as he worked free-hand to bring the bird to life by adding intricate details and shading.  I now have a deep respect for tattoo art, which has pleased Barry no end as I now embrace his ideas for new tattoos!

If you have been dreaming of getting a tattoo for years, Globus is the place to get it done.  The experience from start to finish was entirely different to any other tattoo shop I have ever visited. All brave customers get a special lolly afterwards, which I have to say feels really well deserved!  I am in love with my new tattoo, it took me quite a while to stop staring at it and is a perfect reminder of the special time I spent being free travelling around New Zealand.

Globus Gallery & Tattoo Studio, 1114 Pukuatua St.  Rotorua, New Zealand
Visit the website for more information.

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  1. Eeek! Looks great Jen. Makes me want one but don’t think I can justify a trip to NZ for a tattoo!

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