Bronzing Powder Duo

This post was originally going to be about Dr Hauschka Neem Hair Oil, as it has been a real help for taming my dry, sand, sea and sun damaged hair.  However as I was about to take the bottle out to photograph on the beach of the tiny Fijian island I was staying, it fell from my top bunk and smashed all over the tiled floor!  My hair is looking pretty worse for wear now because of it, so instead this post is about Bronzing Powder Duo which has been a real favourite for me during my stay in Fiji.

Every evening without fail we are all called up by the enthusiastic Fijians to perform the Bula Dance (a Fijian take on the Macarena!).  So to help get me in the party mood I have been brushing on a bit of bronzing powder in the evenings, which gives my cheeks a defined and beautifully natural sun-kissed look.  It’s become a bit of a secret weapon for me, helping me look at least a little sun-tanned while I’m shaking to the Bula alongside gorgeous golden brown Brazilian and Swedish girls!

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