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On a visit to Niagara Falls, we stopped in Niagara-On-The-Lake where the Doug Forsythe Gallery sits along the main street.  It’s a great space – bright, light and white showing artworks by well-known Canadian artist and printmaker Doug Forsythe as well as etchings by his wife Marsha Forsythe.  Doug’s work covers a broad range of media from intaglio printmaking, monotype, serigraphy, mixed media, watercolour, oil and acrylics.  Marsha’s delicate etchings of nature inspired by her surroundings are extremely detailed, perfectly formed and a real treat to see up close (you’ll have to visit to experience them for yourself).  The presentation of the artworks in the gallery is perfect in every way, a neutral platform for the variety of work it holds, there’s plenty to browse.

As I was admiring the gallery and everything in it Marsha pointed out her clever display and presentation pieces.  They are designed and manufactured by a Canadian company called Molo, co founded by Doug and Marsha’s daughter Stephanie Forsythe.  Made out of special kraft paper and a super-strong honeycomb structure, Molo furniture provides a multi-functional, innovative and abstract design.  In the gallery, Marsha uses a softseating natural kraft paper fanning stool as a small display table with cards on, and the white textile softwall as a screen in the window to create a neutral backdrop for her window display.  The softwall would also work very well for dividing up a room or concealing mess – I was thinking of all those people turning empty shops into pop-up art spaces.  Something stylish like this would be the perfect solution for hiding multiple sins in an empty shop space as well as having the flexibility to serve several purposes.  I want one!

Visit the Doug Forsythe Gallery at 92 Picton Street, Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, Canada. Check opening times and further info on the gallery website.

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  1. Dear Jenny,
    It was delightful meeting you both and your “Canadian family”. You would love it here today 16 C with white snow drops, yellow and purple acronites and crocus greeting me here and there on my way to the gallery. The Shaw Festival opens in one month so we busy preparing the gallery and getting ready to hang new work. I have used Blue Beach, Nova Scotia (home to 350 year old million year old fossils) as my inspiration for acrylic on paper originals. They will soon be up on the website with some information on that beautiful part of Canada.
    Take care,
    PS You should know molo picked up on your blog before Doug and I had a chance to look.

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