In-flight Dr Hauschka Survival Kit

This is my essential Dr Hauschka in-flight survival kit.  It contains everything I need to keep my skin moisturised and feeling fresh during long stuffy air-conditioned flights.  Throughout my trip I have taken twelve flights (bad for my eco-points I know) with a total of well over sixty hours spent in the unnatural controlled atmosphere of the plane.  This pic of my Dr Hauschka goodies was taken before I took off on my first flight from London to Delhi, so as you can imagine after six months travel it now looks a bit worse for wear.

The products in my kit are all available in small sizes (below 100ml) that can be taken in hand luggage on flights around the world, as far as my experience has proven.  Remember though to take a clear plastic bag for getting them safely through security – there’s nothing worse than having your Dr Hauschka products confiscated before you even set foot on the plane.  I know, it happened to me going to Ireland once when a brand new Cleansing Milk was thrown in the confiscation bin!

Add your own extras or substitutions to create a kit tailored to your skin-type.  Mine contains: Facial Toner, Moisturising Day Cream, Lip Balm and Hand Cream.  I am also partial to making up a little lavender spritz in a small spray bottle of water with a few drops of Dr Hauschka Lavender Oil – a few pumps of that helps to send me off to sleep on the really long flights.  Happy travelling!

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