Lamp-post Advertising

I love this super-effective and economic way of advertising, this one was on a lamp-post in downtown Toronto.  I came across a lot of these handmade signs tacked to the noticeboards in hostels, but really they can be used in any situation to advertise just about anything.  I remember seeing a lot of similar posters in Prague advertising concerts for that evening – it’s one of the best ways to reach a large tourist or shopping audience.  It’s really easy to DIY – all you need is a simple eye-catching poster design, with the important info marked into tear-off slips along the bottom.  One of the best things about this form of advertising is you can see how many people have taken your info slip, which is always exciting.  It could be worth investing in some kind of waterproof protection though, as a soggy sign isn’t going to attract anybody’s attention!

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