Lipstick 04

I’ve been in Canada for over two weeks now and still every time I step out the door I can’t believe how cold it is!  With temperatures below -10˚c on a daily basis (lowest so far for me -22 ˚c), the freezing cold soon got to my skin.  I couldn’t believe how quickly I was affected by the change in temperature and so have upped my daily moisturiser to Quince Day Cream, which helps combat some of the extreme dryness inevitable with such cold temperatures and central heating on full blast.

My boyfriend says I have the ability to sniff out a Dr Hauschka outlet wherever we are, so he wasn’t surprised when in Ottawa I suddenly scooted off to a corner of The Bay – a well-known traditional Canadian department store.  There I met a lady called Selina who was (thank goodness) an expert in which Dr Hauschka products work wonders in the cold climate.  Selina’s top tip was to smother on Dr Hauschka Lip Balm every night before bed to soothe dry lips after a harsh day in the cold.  She also helped me pick out this gorgeous red Lipstick 04, which is essential for feeling glam in the winter snow when you’re covered head-to-toe in warm winter woollies.

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