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This week’s Three Things post features three blogs which explore and document local people and their relationship with the towns and cities they live in.  I’ve been feeling the post-travel blues the past few days so have chosen three blogs investigating local community and people from places that I visited on my round the world trip.  All the blogs were featured in last Wednesday’s G2 magazine, add them to your bookmarks and check in when you’re in need of a pick-me-up.

1. Delhi – The Delhi Walla blog is jam-packed with cultural information, a vibrant celebration of food, culture and books from India’s capital city.

Image from my visit to Udaipur, India, Sep 2012

2. New York – Every Person In New York is definitely a blog to keep popping back to.  In an attempt to draw every person in New York, it features a sketch completed and uploaded every day of (sometimes) unsuspecting people going about their everyday business on the streets of New York.

Image taken in New York along Highline Park, Feb 2012

3. Ottawa – Hello Ottawa is a fun hyper-local blog introducing some of Ottawa’s residents through beautiful photographs and friendly interviews.  Makes me want to go back again right now.

Image of snow sculpture taken during Winterlude in Ottawa, Feb 2012

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