Gearing Up For The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

I’m busy at work creating an exhibition to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with the More Arts team, using clippings and cuttings from 1950′s magazines.  It’s made me pretty excited about all the different arts and cultural things that are going on to mark the event, so Three Things this week features Diamond Jubilee related arts and cultural offerings.

1. Hand Embroidered handkerchief – I was visiting my Nanny over Easter and talking to her about celebrating the Diamond Jubilee.  It reminded her that she  had this beautiful handkerchief, which she hand-embroidered in 1953 to mark the Coronation – apparently it took ages as I can quite imagine.  Still in pristine condition after nearly 50 years – it’s far too special to have been used for wiping snotty noses!

2. Face Britain – The Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts has been inspiring children across the nation to create self portraits and upload them onto the Children & the Arts website.  Tens of thousands of children have taken part, and their images will be projected onto Buckingham Palace to create a giant montage image of HM The Queen.  Projection artist Ross Ashton has been commissioned to create the montage, made up of thousands of children’s self portraits.  Be the first to see the projection tonight, Thursday 19th April 8:30pm at Buckingham Palace.  The montage image will also be displayed on over 400 JCDecaux digital advertising screens across the UK.

3. Planning a Diamond Jubilee party?  This British Tea Party handmade mini bunting is an essential piece of Jubilee party kit.  Created by North East based digital artist and graphic designer Laura Cartwright, you can buy the bunting online here.

Image © Laura Cartwright

2 Responses to Gearing Up For The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

  1. Hi, Really interesting blog, Jen. The Wokingham Arts Society is creating a Diamond Jubilee Frieze and they are also wanting self portraits of people; either done on the day or submitted beforehand. Perhaps you could cover this in your next blog. If I remember I will definitely become an avid follower! :-)

    • Thanks Gwynneth, send them my way – I’m always pleased to cover interesting arts events in this area. Follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook page and I’ll let you know when a new post has been published.

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