Three Brooches

Recently I was having a discussion with an artist about brooches.  We were talking about how they are an underrated piece of jewellery these days, which people often don’t think about wearing. I have a small collection that I like to use to add to plain jackets and scarfs, bringing a bit of decoration into lots of otherwise plain outfits.  All my brooches have been given to me by my mum who has a talent for finding fun pieces, many have come direct from artists and others sought out in second hand vintage shops.  Here are three of my favourite brooches from my collection.

1. Handmade many years ago by a parent at Alder Bridge School in Aldermaston

2. Handmade in Northern Ireland from Painted Earth, Newcastle County Down


3. I love this one’s graphic style, people are always intrigued whenever I wear it!

2 Responses to Three Brooches

  1. Love this piece on brooches, thanks for reminding me about their existence! I will definitely be purchasing a few now!

    • Thanks for your comment Sarah-Ann, I’m pleased to have jogged your memory! My mum just returned from Florence with a gorgeous new brooch for me made entirely of old Coca Cola cans – I’ll be posting it on here in Three Things this week.

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