The Front Room

I was in Newcastle, County Down in Northern Island recently and made a long-overdue visit to the pop-up vintage shop my auntie was originally involved in setting up.  Every now and then the shop, named The Front Room, springs up along the shore in this touristy seaside town and is packed with lovely vintage tea sets, clothing and more.  I picked up a preloved black leather jacket and a vintage tan leather bag for a pinch, and a few weeks ago my other auntie had first pick on a gorgeous 60′s coffee table.  There are artworks for sale by local artists too – if you’re in town pop in and see what’s on offer as the stock changes regularly!

The Front Room, 65 South Promenade, Newcastle, County Down, N. Ireland
Check The Front Room facebook page for the latest.

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  1. Hi there just purchased a lovely glass light shade for new house and an exquisite china cabinet from The Front Room – both are gorgeous!!!

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