Yarn Ship/ Giant Colouring-In/ Festival Skin Care Kit

A couple of weeks ago I was at Wychwood Festival, a small music festival held on the racecourse at Cheltenham.  I was there to help Festival Kidz who go about the country promoting fun family-friendly festies.  I am a big fan of small independent festivals – interesting world music line-up, quirky arts installations, no queues for the loos, and most amazingly – hot showers!

1. Interactive yarn ship installation, which was built up over the weekend using yarn and fabric scraps woven over a willow frame structure.

2. Giant Colouring-In from Fancy Features, a creative company in Gloucestershire offering bespoke mural design for everyone to get involved in completing.

3. Dr Hauschka festival skin care kit I put together, containing everything you need to keep your skin care routine going even at a festival!  It’s one of those small things that can help make you feel more human after a couple of nights camping.

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