Blooming Loopy/ Dream Catchers/ Lemon Bath

The weekend before last I was at Larmer Tree Festival in Salisbury, managing the Adults Workshop Tent.  Hard to believe with all this sunshine that the main crisis of the weekend was people slipping on thick mud as they entered the tent!  Artists from all over the country came together to provide a creative adults only zone where parents and adults got involved making a clay flock of sheep, giant dream catchers, and inspired portaloo pomanders!

1.  Floral festival hair garlands handmade by my friend Romany at Blooming Loopy were on sale at Larmer Tree Festival – she takes commissions for brides and bridesmaids too.

2. Giant dream catchers made in the Adults Workshop Tent.

3. Treating tired festival stuck-in-the-mud feet to warm lemon bath and cooling toner spritz after a long weekend in wellies.

One Response to Blooming Loopy/ Dream Catchers/ Lemon Bath

  1. Hi Jen,
    How sweet of you to give me a mention! I’m very touched!
    It was lovely to see you at Larmer Tree – I hope you’ll be making it a regular event in your calendar? I’m sure we’ll be going again too – I love it so much there!
    Take care lovely, Romany x

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