Elaine Callen: Artist

I’ve grown up with the work of Elaine Callen (who happens to be my aunty). My earliest memory of enjoying her work was when she painted a mural onto a heating pipe in our conservatory, it was the talk of the close we lived in and friends still remember it!  My parents are keen collectors of her work, from early huge colourful oil on canvas forest canopies to subtle mountain and moss pastels inspired by the Mourne Mountains.

Who or what most inspires your work?
My work is inspired by the landscape around me. By the wild beauty of  mountain, moor and bogland.

What’s a typical day in your life as an artist?
My day begins with tea in bed and a chance to recapture dreams before the day intrudes. A brisk walk on the beach awakens and consolidates ideas and designs. Back to the studio for coffee and contemplation of work in progress before getting absorbed in painting till the need for tea overtakes. By the afternoon I could be working on tapestry designs for The Big Weave community tapestry project or perhaps cycling to the harbour to help out at The Front Room Vintage/Craft pop-up shop. I like to paint in the evening, in the gloaming, till the last of the light goes.

What’s the piece of work you’ve created that you’re most proud of?
Any piece which captures the feeling of place and a little magic.

Where can we see more of your work?
The Front Room
Vintage pop-up shop
65 South Promenade, Newcastle, Co. Down, N. Ireland

Whats the best thing about being an artist?
Tea in bed!

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