Tree Of Light/ The Big Weave Tapestry/ Fire Garden

In the build up to the London 2012 Olympics, there has been a huge amount of discussion about ‘leaving a legacy’ – and not just through sport, but linking the Olympic values to all aspects of life.  I enjoyed participating in two aspects of the ‘Tree Of Light‘ project which took place in the Thames Valley, a collaborative project spanning two years which aimed to leave a legacy by bringing young people together through the arts.  The project culminated in a fantastic large scale performance with over 1200 participants, incorporating theatre, dance and music.  As part of the project, The Big Weave was commissioned to teach people across the Thames Valley to weave through creating a large tapestry inspired by the Tree Of Light.   The night before the opening ceremony I went up to London to thoroughly soak up the Olympic atmosphere and wandered through the Fire Garden, an installation inspired by the Olympic flame, at the National Theatre.

1. The Tree Of Light performance at Stonor Park featuring 1200 performers, a huge installation complete with lights powered by cyclists housed in the structure.

2. The Big Weave Tree Of Light tapestry still on the loom.  The completed tapestry will be toured around the various schools and venues for all to enjoy.

3. The Fire Garden at the National Theatre – perfect pre-Olympic magic!

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