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People often ask me what it is about Dr Hauschka that I love so much, and so after I’ve offered them a squidge of hand cream or a smudge of lip balm, the story begins! Developed from a medical background, Dr Hauschka isn’t just about slapping on a cream to solve my skin’s problems, but is about working with the functions of the skin to enhance and restore natural balance. Of course the fact that the products smell gorgeous and are made from 100% natural ingredients is great, but it’s the sense of well being I get from preparing my skin each morning for the day ahead and in the evening easing away tension and stress from the day that makes Dr Hauschka so special.

As the new year is all about new regimes and resolutions for the year to come, I encourage you all to try the Dr Hauschka Radiant You cleansing ritual. Learn and follow the simple three step cleansing routine to achieve balanced, radiant, and sensational skin in just 30 days.

To begin*, run fresh warm water into a basin with a few drops of Lavender Bath. Use a muslin cloth soaked in the lavender water to warm your skin ready for cleansing.

1. Cleansing Cream – apply using press and roll technique (more info here).
2. Facial Toner – cool skin with a splash of cold water and spritz with toner.
3. Moisturiser – apply using press and roll technique (moisturising in the morning only, allows your skin to breathe at night).

*In the evening, use Cleansing Milk first to remove eye make-up, lipstick and foundation.

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