Promoting Community Events Through Twitter


Last week I had an interesting discussion with a shop owner in Warwick, who was keen to understand how to use Twitter to promote a festival in the town. The challenge, it seemed, was to spread the message as far as possible when the festival’s Twitter profile didn’t have many followers. He was convinced that the answer was to get a high profile or celebrity tweeter to retweet the festival’s tweets! So I thought I would put together a few of my favourite tips for community event organisers, on how to harness the power of Twitter as a tool for creating a buzz about an event.

1. Follow local people – shops, businesses, and regular tweeters who have a connection with the town, and interact with them.

2. Communicate with your followers – keep them updated and encourage them to spread the word.

3. Tell people that you are tweeting – include your Twitter name on your printed and online communication materials and create a campaign using a #hashtag to encourage people to engage with the twitter conversation.

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