Almond Body Wash


One of the special things about Dr Hauschka body washes is that they don’t contain frothy bubbles, often a side effect of chemical nasties. The super-creamy Almond Body Wash not only cleans the skin but also acts as a smooth moisturiser. I am already a big fan of the gorgeously intensive and rich Almond Body Moisturiser, and so when the new range of body washes was launched I couldn’t wait to try the almond version. Containing subtle tones of vanilla, the beauty lies in the smooth and deep scent which magically stays with your skin afterwards. I’ve taken to using it together with a little post-shower Almond Body Moisturiser to build up a gorgeous deep smell of almond to soothe and protect the skin. I asked my mum to try it too, her verdict ‘it’s a luxuriously smooth pick-me-up to start the day’.

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