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Larmer Tree Festival

This summer I was invited back to Larmer Tree Festival in Salisbury to manage the Adults Workshops. It’s a great opportunity for people visiting the festival to come and learn how to make something with guidance from professional artists, in a relaxed space amidst from the hectic festival. Here a some of the creations from the weekend.





Larmer blog pic

Almond Body Wash


One of the special things about Dr Hauschka body washes is that they don’t contain frothy bubbles, often a side effect of chemical nasties. The super-creamy Almond Body Wash not only cleans the skin but also acts as a smooth moisturiser. I am already a big fan of the gorgeously intensive and rich Almond Body Moisturiser, and so when the new range of body washes was launched I couldn’t wait to try the almond version. Containing subtle tones of vanilla, the beauty lies in the smooth and deep scent which magically stays with your skin afterwards. I’ve taken to using it together with a little post-shower Almond Body Moisturiser to build up a gorgeous deep smell of almond to soothe and protect the skin. I asked my mum to try it too, her verdict ‘it’s a luxuriously smooth pick-me-up to start the day’.

Promoting Community Events Through Twitter


Last week I had an interesting discussion with a shop owner in Warwick, who was keen to understand how to use Twitter to promote a festival in the town. The challenge, it seemed, was to spread the message as far as possible when the festival’s Twitter profile didn’t have many followers. He was convinced that the answer was to get a high profile or celebrity tweeter to retweet the festival’s tweets! So I thought I would put together a few of my favourite tips for community event organisers, on how to harness the power of Twitter as a tool for creating a buzz about an event.

1. Follow local people – shops, businesses, and regular tweeters who have a connection with the town, and interact with them.

2. Communicate with your followers – keep them updated and encourage them to spread the word.

3. Tell people that you are tweeting – include your Twitter name on your printed and online communication materials and create a campaign using a #hashtag to encourage people to engage with the twitter conversation.

Type on Tuesday

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of DIY hand-drawn type, especially when it involves tea and cake!  Spotted in Hatton, Warwickshire.

Type on Tuesday

Yarnbomb Hits Case Lane

Last weekend, some unexpected woolly creations appeared in the hedgerows down the country lane where my parents live.  It has become the talk of the local pub as the neighbours try to make head or tail of the knitted and crocheted blossoms and bugs hanging from the trees.  I am reliably informed that they are still there although looking slightly worse for wear due to the cold weather!






Dear Eyes Accessories

Dr Hauschka Dear Eyes accessories

The hotly-anticipated Dear Eyes collection from Dr Hauschka is just over a week away from being launched, and along with the soft and subtle eyeshadow trio I wrote about here comes useful new accessories.  I love the super-soft broad Eyeshadow Blender Brush to pat on lighter colours from the eyeshadow palette set, before smudging a neat line of Kajal Eyeliner with the Eye Definer Brush.  Finish with a light covering of Black Volume Mascara, with new handy bendable brush to catch all the lashes in the corners of the eye.  Top tip from Karim – only apply mascara to the top lashes for a more youthful and fresh look.

The Dear Eyes limited edition collection is available from 1st March, and you can pre-order from Dr Hauschka online.

Bristol Street Art: See No Evil

Visiting Bristol last weekend for the first time since I was little, a large proportion of my trip consisted of tracking down street art with the help of this handy app.  My favouritesite was Nelson Street, transformed last Summer by See No Evil street art festival.  Organised by local people, the festival commissioned 40 international street artists to create work on the building facades on either side of the street.  Using 700 litres of paint and 3500 spray cans, the artists created the largest outdoor permanent art installation in the world, and attracted over 50,000 visitors to Nelson Street.  The vibrancy and impact created goes to show how an area can be transformed when the local community, artists and funders work in collaboration to bring a little colour and creativity into everyday life.

Nelson Street Bristol







Dear Eyes Eyeshadow Trio


This March Dr Hauschka launches it’s new limited edition make-up collection, Dear Eyes. Featuring warm and subtle tones of nude, pearly rose and matte chocolate, the Dear Eyes Eyeshadow Palette makes the ideal addition to your Spring make-up collection.

The three colours in the palette provide the perfect combination for creating a softer smoky-eye look that is subtle and fresh for during the day. Top tip (and my favourite of the launch day!) from Karim Sattar, Dr Hauschka International Make-up Artist is to finish off your look with a little dusting of sparkling nude tone eyeshadow on your cheeks to highlight and accentuate your skin’s radiance.

As with all Dr Hauschka products, the new collection is made using wholly natural ingredients, and the addition of plant extracts anthyllis, witch hazel and black tea in the eyeshadows takes extra care of the delicate skin around the eyes. This soothing and protecting of the skin really does reassure you that the make-up not only looks fabulous, but is an extension of the Radiant You skin care routine introduced in my earlier post.

Type on Tuesday

Street art typography across Nelson Street, Bristol.

Type on Tuesday

Radiant You


People often ask me what it is about Dr Hauschka that I love so much, and so after I’ve offered them a squidge of hand cream or a smudge of lip balm, the story begins! Developed from a medical background, Dr Hauschka isn’t just about slapping on a cream to solve my skin’s problems, but is about working with the functions of the skin to enhance and restore natural balance. Of course the fact that the products smell gorgeous and are made from 100% natural ingredients is great, but it’s the sense of well being I get from preparing my skin each morning for the day ahead and in the evening easing away tension and stress from the day that makes Dr Hauschka so special.

As the new year is all about new regimes and resolutions for the year to come, I encourage you all to try the Dr Hauschka Radiant You cleansing ritual. Learn and follow the simple three step cleansing routine to achieve balanced, radiant, and sensational skin in just 30 days.

To begin*, run fresh warm water into a basin with a few drops of Lavender Bath. Use a muslin cloth soaked in the lavender water to warm your skin ready for cleansing.

1. Cleansing Cream – apply using press and roll technique (more info here).
2. Facial Toner – cool skin with a splash of cold water and spritz with toner.
3. Moisturiser – apply using press and roll technique (moisturising in the morning only, allows your skin to breathe at night).

*In the evening, use Cleansing Milk first to remove eye make-up, lipstick and foundation.