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Almond Body Wash


One of the special things about Dr Hauschka body washes is that they don’t contain frothy bubbles, often a side effect of chemical nasties. The super-creamy Almond Body Wash not only cleans the skin but also acts as a smooth moisturiser. I am already a big fan of the gorgeously intensive and rich Almond Body Moisturiser, and so when the new range of body washes was launched I couldn’t wait to try the almond version. Containing subtle tones of vanilla, the beauty lies in the smooth and deep scent which magically stays with your skin afterwards. I’ve taken to using it together with a little post-shower Almond Body Moisturiser to build up a gorgeous deep smell of almond to soothe and protect the skin. I asked my mum to try it too, her verdict ‘it’s a luxuriously smooth pick-me-up to start the day’.

Dear Eyes Accessories

Dr Hauschka Dear Eyes accessories

The hotly-anticipated Dear Eyes collection from Dr Hauschka is just over a week away from being launched, and along with the soft and subtle eyeshadow trio I wrote about here comes useful new accessories.  I love the super-soft broad Eyeshadow Blender Brush to pat on lighter colours from the eyeshadow palette set, before smudging a neat line of Kajal Eyeliner with the Eye Definer Brush.  Finish with a light covering of Black Volume Mascara, with new handy bendable brush to catch all the lashes in the corners of the eye.  Top tip from Karim – only apply mascara to the top lashes for a more youthful and fresh look.

The Dear Eyes limited edition collection is available from 1st March, and you can pre-order from Dr Hauschka online.

Dear Eyes Eyeshadow Trio


This March Dr Hauschka launches it’s new limited edition make-up collection, Dear Eyes. Featuring warm and subtle tones of nude, pearly rose and matte chocolate, the Dear Eyes Eyeshadow Palette makes the ideal addition to your Spring make-up collection.

The three colours in the palette provide the perfect combination for creating a softer smoky-eye look that is subtle and fresh for during the day. Top tip (and my favourite of the launch day!) from Karim Sattar, Dr Hauschka International Make-up Artist is to finish off your look with a little dusting of sparkling nude tone eyeshadow on your cheeks to highlight and accentuate your skin’s radiance.

As with all Dr Hauschka products, the new collection is made using wholly natural ingredients, and the addition of plant extracts anthyllis, witch hazel and black tea in the eyeshadows takes extra care of the delicate skin around the eyes. This soothing and protecting of the skin really does reassure you that the make-up not only looks fabulous, but is an extension of the Radiant You skin care routine introduced in my earlier post.

Radiant You


People often ask me what it is about Dr Hauschka that I love so much, and so after I’ve offered them a squidge of hand cream or a smudge of lip balm, the story begins! Developed from a medical background, Dr Hauschka isn’t just about slapping on a cream to solve my skin’s problems, but is about working with the functions of the skin to enhance and restore natural balance. Of course the fact that the products smell gorgeous and are made from 100% natural ingredients is great, but it’s the sense of well being I get from preparing my skin each morning for the day ahead and in the evening easing away tension and stress from the day that makes Dr Hauschka so special.

As the new year is all about new regimes and resolutions for the year to come, I encourage you all to try the Dr Hauschka Radiant You cleansing ritual. Learn and follow the simple three step cleansing routine to achieve balanced, radiant, and sensational skin in just 30 days.

To begin*, run fresh warm water into a basin with a few drops of Lavender Bath. Use a muslin cloth soaked in the lavender water to warm your skin ready for cleansing.

1. Cleansing Cream – apply using press and roll technique (more info here).
2. Facial Toner – cool skin with a splash of cold water and spritz with toner.
3. Moisturiser – apply using press and roll technique (moisturising in the morning only, allows your skin to breathe at night).

*In the evening, use Cleansing Milk first to remove eye make-up, lipstick and foundation.

Sage Bath and Body Silk

I have arrived back home in England safely to some lovely British Spring weather – sunshine, showers and sleet!  The return home also means that I was able to enjoy my first bath in six months (yes I did have numerous showers on the way round, although ‘shower’ may be stretching the imagination in some cases!).  I’ve been using a few glugs of Sage Bath in with the hot water to warm me up as I acclimatise back into English weather – it’s nearly as cold as Canada here!  Adjusting back to life at home is challenging, and one of my favourite de-stress and relaxation tips is a lovely DIY foot treatment – fill a basin with warm water and a few drops of Sage Bath, and soak feet for 5-10 minutes.  After drying with a fluffy towel (a real novelty), follow with Body Silk for a thoroughly refreshing foot pamper.  I’ve found this is perfect for reviving feet after long walks in the English countryside.

England is my final stop on my round-the-world adventure, it’s nice to be home.  Only now that I am no longer living out of a backpack, do I realise how battered and bashed my Dr Hauschka products have become.  They have served me well and I’m looking forward to being able to add more favourites to my collection – it’s good to be back!

In-flight Dr Hauschka Survival Kit

This is my essential Dr Hauschka in-flight survival kit.  It contains everything I need to keep my skin moisturised and feeling fresh during long stuffy air-conditioned flights.  Throughout my trip I have taken twelve flights (bad for my eco-points I know) with a total of well over sixty hours spent in the unnatural controlled atmosphere of the plane.  This pic of my Dr Hauschka goodies was taken before I took off on my first flight from London to Delhi, so as you can imagine after six months travel it now looks a bit worse for wear.

The products in my kit are all available in small sizes (below 100ml) that can be taken in hand luggage on flights around the world, as far as my experience has proven.  Remember though to take a clear plastic bag for getting them safely through security – there’s nothing worse than having your Dr Hauschka products confiscated before you even set foot on the plane.  I know, it happened to me going to Ireland once when a brand new Cleansing Milk was thrown in the confiscation bin!

Add your own extras or substitutions to create a kit tailored to your skin-type.  Mine contains: Facial Toner, Moisturising Day Cream, Lip Balm and Hand Cream.  I am also partial to making up a little lavender spritz in a small spray bottle of water with a few drops of Dr Hauschka Lavender Oil – a few pumps of that helps to send me off to sleep on the really long flights.  Happy travelling!

Eyeshadow 09 & 01

Two pieces I have been grateful to have in my Dr Hauschka make-up bag during my round the world trip are a set of pale eyeshadow shades – Eyeshadow Solo 09 and Eyeshadow Solo 01. These two tones complement each other perfectly and work both for a subtle daytime and glammed up evening look (or in New York – glamorous day because everybody dresses to the nines every day!). I normally take the shimmering white shade 09 lightly up to my eyebrows which makes my eyes look more awake and bright (often really needed!) and then the gold 01 over my eyelids to give them a lovely warm glow. I then add a smudge of the black Kajal Eyeliner Duo 01 at the top and bottom from the outside corners to about halfway in and a swoosh of Mascara (black) – see my earlier post Keeping Up Appearances. This look has served me well throughout both the warm and cold climates and the palettes have lasted too – lots left for when I get home!

Lipstick 04

I’ve been in Canada for over two weeks now and still every time I step out the door I can’t believe how cold it is!  With temperatures below -10˚c on a daily basis (lowest so far for me -22 ˚c), the freezing cold soon got to my skin.  I couldn’t believe how quickly I was affected by the change in temperature and so have upped my daily moisturiser to Quince Day Cream, which helps combat some of the extreme dryness inevitable with such cold temperatures and central heating on full blast.

My boyfriend says I have the ability to sniff out a Dr Hauschka outlet wherever we are, so he wasn’t surprised when in Ottawa I suddenly scooted off to a corner of The Bay – a well-known traditional Canadian department store.  There I met a lady called Selina who was (thank goodness) an expert in which Dr Hauschka products work wonders in the cold climate.  Selina’s top tip was to smother on Dr Hauschka Lip Balm every night before bed to soothe dry lips after a harsh day in the cold.  She also helped me pick out this gorgeous red Lipstick 04, which is essential for feeling glam in the winter snow when you’re covered head-to-toe in warm winter woollies.

Bronzing Powder Duo

This post was originally going to be about Dr Hauschka Neem Hair Oil, as it has been a real help for taming my dry, sand, sea and sun damaged hair.  However as I was about to take the bottle out to photograph on the beach of the tiny Fijian island I was staying, it fell from my top bunk and smashed all over the tiled floor!  My hair is looking pretty worse for wear now because of it, so instead this post is about Bronzing Powder Duo which has been a real favourite for me during my stay in Fiji.

Every evening without fail we are all called up by the enthusiastic Fijians to perform the Bula Dance (a Fijian take on the Macarena!).  So to help get me in the party mood I have been brushing on a bit of bronzing powder in the evenings, which gives my cheeks a defined and beautifully natural sun-kissed look.  It’s become a bit of a secret weapon for me, helping me look at least a little sun-tanned while I’m shaking to the Bula alongside gorgeous golden brown Brazilian and Swedish girls!

Soothing Mask

After spending four weeks in a campervan travelling around New Zealand, the campsite lifestyle of dodgy showers, cold water, plus the added effort of having to walk a fair distance to perform my Dr Hauschka cleansing routine each morning and night, has really taken it’s toll on my skin.  I feel as though I could do with one of the lovely harmonising treatments Dr Hauschka provides at their store in Notting Hill.  However as I am still on the other side of the world, I have been giving myself some DIY treatments with Dr Hauschka Soothing Mask and Rejuvenating Mask.

When I reach America and have access to clean hot water (Fijian bathrooms have been a bit hit and miss too!),  I will do a few more Soothing and Rejuvenating Mask treatments to try and restore my skin to it’s original state.  It’s a nice way to give yourself a little refreshing New Year pamper too.   I start off with warm water (when it’s available!) and a few drops of Lavender Oil.  Then apply the mask for about 10 minutes before rinsing off with fresh warm water, and following with my usual cold compress and a spritz of Facial Toner (and moisturiser if it’s morning time).

If you are in need of a January pick-me-up, treat yourself to a Dr Hauschka treatment by one of their Estheticians– they are incredible and leave you feeling like a whole new person!  Check them out here.