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Hand Cream For Chilly Hands

Arriving in New Zealand after three months of warm summer sun, the chilly air and cool showers in the South Island has been quite a shock to the system!  It’s much colder here than usual for Kiwi summer time, which has meant digging out the big fluffy jackets, warm woolly gloves and hat that have been at the bottom of my bag for the trip so far!

The thing that has been hit most by the harsh cold weather is my hands, probably partly due to the new outdoorsy lifestyle I am living (we have hired a campervan!), so I have been applying lots of Dr Hauschka Hand Cream to try and keep them lovely and smooth.  It’s working wonders and the tube has lasted really well, plus rubbing my hands together a bit to allow the cream to soak in is a good way to keep them warm!  It’s also the perfect sized gift for Christmas stockings.

Keeping Up Appearances

Throughout most of India and Thailand I never really got round to wearing much makeup – I put it down to embracing the backpacker lifestyle!  Products like Lip Balm, After-Sun Lotion and Moisturising Day Cream became my daily saviours, and my makeup bag took a back seat for a while.  However when I reached the bright lights of Sydney, city of the uber-stylish and chic Sydneysiders, I realised it was time to dig my makeup bag out from the bottom of my backpack (well it’s more of a wheely suitcase with straps on the back!).

Needless to say I am as addicted to Dr Hauschka makeup as I am to their skincare products, and have found them to be the best natural cosmetics on offer for my super-sensitive skin.  Throughout Australia my most-used items in my makeup bag were these two – Kajal Eyeliner Duo 01 and Mascara (black).  Using both simultaniously could miraculously (and quickly) turn me from feeling like grotty traveller into one of the city crowd.  As most of my nights were spent sleeping in a bunk bed in shared hostel dorms, sometimes with up to 15 other people, this was no mean feat!

No BO With Dr Hauschka Deo

I have just returned from three adventure-filled days camping in the Australian Outback – trekking around the base of Uluru and hiking up Kings Canyon.  It was pretty hot with temperatures soaring above 40˚c (and that was in the shade)! My Dr Hauschka Floral Deodorant has so far served me well through the sweltering heat of India and the hot and sticky humidity in Thailand, but hiking in the Aussie bush was going to put it to it’s next extreme test!

I first started using Dr Hauschka’s Floral Deodorant a few years ago and must admit initially I had my doubts as to how effective it could be, having relied on chemical formulas until that point.  However as a champion of all things natural and after hearing rave reports from my mum who has used natural deodorants for years, I felt compelled to give it a go!  Now having made the transition from pore-blocking chemical deodorants to natural-based alternatives I am a complete convert and have never crossed back to the dark side since.

During the outback experience, my fellow group members were having to continually re-apply nasty chemical spray-on deodorants every time we returned from a hike to the air conditioned coach. I felt pretty smug that not only was my body sweating naturally and not all clogged up with nasties, but I also smelled sweetly of flowers too!

Cleansing Milk

On arrival into Thailand we escaped the craziness of Bangkok to the hot and sticky jungle in Kanchanaburi.  We weren’t entirely sure where we were headed, having been coerced into booking a ‘jungle experience’ by travel agent Oam.  After being herded from bus to train to wooden boat and after several hours of travelling with ever-changing travel companions, we finally rocked up at a floating raft ‘hut’ on the River Kwai.

The accommodation was basic to say the least, but we were without doubt in the middle of the jungle and as close to nature as you can get. With shower water coming straight from the river, my Dr Hauschka products provided a huge comfort  for the three days we spent there.  Cleansing Milk came out on top leaving my skin feeling clean and refreshed, even if the water was a bit dodgy!

Lavender Bath

I recently emerged from four days of being bed-bound after picking up a horrible illness in India.  There’s nothing worse than being ill whilst away from home, but luckily for me I had a few things helping me get through it.

1. We had booked a pretty pink room for five nights with a view looking out over the Indian Ocean
2. My boyfriend was lovely and stayed in all four days to look after me
3. I had my Dr Hauschka Lavender Bath to create a refreshing lavender spritz with a few drops in a spray bottle of water.  This along with a cool flannel soaked in lavender bath left me feeling refreshed, calm and the smell made the room feel more homely too.

After-Sun Lotion

Whilst everyone around me is turning a gorgeous golden brown colour, my battle to stike a balance between pasty white and bright red lobster is always a bit tricky.  So far I have succeeded in not getting too badly sun burnt.  However, after spending a day lounging by the pool in Ranakpur, I did catch the sun on my legs – soon to be regretted as we began a 13-hour overnight train journey to Mumbai.  After arriving at our hotel, a quick shower and some lovely soothing care from Dr Hauschka After-Sun Lotion (containing Quince seed, which I have seen growing in India), I was ready to hit the streets again and head out to explore the city.


Indian Heat Skin Saviours

As part of my round-the-world trip documentation, I am reporting on Dr Hauschka natural beauty products.  The challenge: to maintain radiant skin whilst on a round-the-world backpacking trip, experiencing different and challenging climates.  I am currently in Pushkar, India and these three Dr Hauschka goodies have been real skin saviours over the last week.

1.  Lip Care Stick – for moisturising sun dried and air conditioning-zapped lips.
2.  Hand Cream – essential care after every sanitising hand gel application.
3.  Lavendar Bath – a few drops in a small spray bottle with mineral water for cooling during 7-hour bus rides.